Dennis Vinson was our general contractor on our custom home in North Scottsdale.

We had experienced over a year of design frustration for this property with a different custom home builder. We made the choice to abandon the previous builder and move the project to Dennis.

Within a short period of time, Dennis had an architectural plan that worked for our needs and was absolutely beautiful. Shortly thereafter he was able to obtain permits and construction was underway.

He was not only able to move this project along but added many unique suggestions to further enhance our home. We were amazed at the quality of the product that he delivered on time and within budget.

We enjoyed the home for twelve years but decided last year it was time for us to downsize. People that toured our house when we put it on the market were floored at the attention to detail. Many commented they had never seen anything like it and inquired as to who built this showstopper.

Dennis was able to deliver a timeless design and years of enjoyment to us. The home sold within six days with multiple offers. We would highly recommend him to anyone considering a quality custom home.

— Gary and Barb D.

My wife and I were fortunate to work closely with Dennis Vinson on the custom building project of our home in Snoqualmie, Washington between 2003-2005.

We had never undertaken a custom build prior to working with Dennis. The entire experience, start to finish was an absolute joy. Unfortunately, the custom building experience is often stereotyped as a nightmarish experience — undefined or hidden costs, construction delays, poor communication, shoddy craftsmanship, banking and funding issues, the list can go on and on. Our experience working with Dennis was the absolute opposite.

From Day 1 when we started discussing the project and what we hoped to accomplish with Dennis, we were absolutely on the same page with each other. Dennis listened intently to our goals and objectives. His communication was clear and concise. The quality of the construction and attention to detail was always paramount.

Throughout the entire project, Dennis listened to us and went to great lengths to understand our needs and desires which at times weren’t always clear or concise, or worse yet, might have differed between us as a couple! If there were things that we were looking to accomplish in the project that would be difficult or impossible to achieve, Dennis said as much early and often. If there were things that we desired that would add significant time or cost to the project, Dennis was quick to say as much and often suggested alternative considerations or ways to get to the same outcome but with potentially lower costs and less time.

Bottom line, we went into the project knowing it was going to be a truly custom project taking approximately two years to complete — start to finish. We knew there would be countless decisions, big and small, throughout the entire project that needed our attention. And most of all, we knew what we wanted in terms of the final project’s detail and quality. Dennis managed the entire project and all of the countless issues over that entire timeframe in a way that was always a joy to work with him, even when there were unexpected or unforeseen challenges. In the end, our home was everything and then some!

The finished product far surpassed our lofty expectations and was truly a showcase custom home (and still is). We would not hesitate to recommend Dennis Vinson to anyone who is seriously interested in having a high-quality, custom home built. Dennis Vinson’s custom homes stand apart.

— Doug and Mary R.

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